Research Profile

Students standing on the buttress of the church in Scherpenheuvel

Research at the Chair of Architectural History is usually based on the object itself and starts with meticulous in situ building research.
Photo: Tim Scheuer

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Books of the library of the Chair of Architectural History

A complete list of publications by the Chair of Architectural History.
Photo: Yannick Ley

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Pilgrimage church in Scherpenheuvel

The DFG-funded research project on Scherpenheuvel analyzes the genesis, shape and concept of said pilgrimage site at different scales.
Photo: Tobias Glitsch

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The research project is aimed at developing an overarching digital platform that connects the field of historic building research.
Diagram: Felix Martin



S. Andrea al Quirinale

The church San Andrea al Quirinale in Rome

The PhD project on S. Andrea al Quirinale has produced the first comprehensive monography covering the architecture of Gian Lorenzo Bernini's oval church.
Photo: Tobias Glitsch

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