May 27, 2018 | Turin Excursion - Royal Residence

  Impression Turin Copyright: Felix Mayer  

The Pentecost excursion in the summer semester of 2018 took the chair of architectural history to Turin, the capital of Piedmont.

The architecture of the 18th century underwent a very special development in Piedmont, when the Dukes of Savoy built their royal residence of the Kingdom of Sardinia here in the south of the Alps. During the 17th century, when the dukes had only just begun to strive for the royal title and to embark on the construction tasks associated with it, the ducal builders Castellamonte and Guarini had already been able to realize important churches, castles and new districts in Turin and the surrounding area. When, with the political detachment from France, the Dukes finally gained the royal dignity, they engaged Filippo Juvarra as court architect and director of a court building office, which could centrally supervise the new royal buildings and bring them to the perfection of "luogi magnifici", magnificent spaces, set to become a model for the whole of Europe.

The excursion was accompanied by Dr. Thomas Wilke who shared his profound knowledge of 16th and 17th century Turin and thematically deepened the numerous contributions of the students.



Univ.-Prof. Dr.-Ing. Anke Naujokat
Dipl. Arch. Bruno Schindler