March 25, 2020 | Architectural History in Times of Corona

  Video-chatting AGes-Team © AGes  

Many things have changed during the recent weeks in the context of the Corona pandemic.

As part of the general social distancing initiatives, we too are avoiding physical contact. Nevertheless, we still try to maintain the chair activities as broadly as possible – in digital form, of course. Especially with regard to preparing for the upcoming summer term and the exchange of information, but also with regard to our research activities, we are working hard to select suitable digital tools and to use them successfully at the right place. Certainly, not everything will work out immediately – that's why we kindly ask especially our students for their patience. The current situation represents a change for all of us, but it may open up perspectives and ways of working together that we will appreciate in the future.

May we all get well through the next months – stay healthy!