December 18, 2020 | A Very Merry Christmas!

  December 18, 2020 | A Very Merry Christmas! © AGes  

A Very Merry Christmas!

A year in which many things were so different compared to all previous ones is drawing to a close. The almost legendary Christmas party, which we traditionally celebrate with the Department of Historic Building Conservation and Research in a festive setting in our library and which we usually report on in this section, could of course not take place this year in the same old manner.

Nevertheless, we – the team of the Chair of Architectural History – got together for a digital Wichtel session: In front of atmospherically illuminated backgrounds and equipped with mulled wine or punch as well as all kinds of Christmas treats, we joyfully and excitedly followed the unwrapping of the creatively packaged gifts.

As successful as this digitally improvized Christmas party may have been: Of course, we sincerely hope that this will remain a one-time experiment! In this sense, we wish all students, all colleagues of the faculty and RWTH Aachen Universty, as well as all friends of the Chair of Architectural History a peaceful Christmas and health, happiness, courage, and confidence for the upcoming year 2021.


Date and Venue

December 18, 2020, 5pm, Zoom



Team of the Chair