October 11, 2021 | Welcome back!

  Corridor with open door of the Chair and red carpet Copyright: © AGes  

After almost one and a half years, in which all activities of the Chair – research, teaching, administration and daily interaction – took place in a digital way, we are very pleased that the doors of the Reiff Museum may finally open again for the winter term 2021/22 and that our Chair doors will do so, too.

For example, the library of the Chair will soon be open to the public again, and the secretariat will be personally accessible. While smaller courses such as seminars and project supervisions (with 3G-proof and in compliance with the well-known hygiene precautions) can be held again in presence, the lectures, on the other hand, will still be held digitally until further notice.

Today, together we start into an exciting and hopefully inspiring hybrid semester and welcome back all students, colleagues and all others who are affiliated with the Chair!