December 17, 2021 | Merry Christmas!

  wrapped Wichtel presents of the Chair of Architectural History © AGes  

Last year, we stated here that we hoped that the first digital Christmas party would be a one-time experiment, and that this year we would be able to return to the old tradition of a festive get-together in the Chair's library with. And indeed, the first plans for the dinner were already made, and "Wichtel" pairs were drawn by lot.

But what we have all learned over the past year and a half: Situations change quickly, and nothing can really be planned – at least in terms of presence. So, after this experience-rich time and a second digital Christmas and "Wichtel" celebration (which we nevertheless enjoyed very much because of the many creative gifts), we now hope for a traditional, collective closing of the year in 2022.

By the way: In order to get through the waiting time until the digital celebration, some hard-working students solved this year's Christmas task of the faculty's student council in festive joy and with a lot of enthusiasm: A wonderful cookie cutter in the shape of the pilgrimage church of Scherpenheuvel was created, which will certainly be used even more often in the coming years.

We wish all students, all colleagues of the faculty and the university as well as all friends of the Chair of Architectural History a peaceful Christmas – but above all confidence, strength and health for the new year.


Date and Venue

December 17, 2021, 5pm, Zoom



Team of the Chair