December 5, 2022 | A Sustainable "Plus"

  Four people handing over the donation check Copyright: © AGes/Maria im Tann  

At the foot of Aachen's Kronenberg there is the Church of St. Hubertus, completed in 1964 – an architectural gem designed by Gottfried Böhm. The Chair of Architectural History has dedicated an exhibition to this unknown "suburban icon" in the summer term of 2022.

From the very start, it was clear that the exhibition was to be designed to be sustainable in a threefold sense: The basic construction used for the exhibition architecture, in the form of a shelving system, was acquired second-hand and resold after the end of the exhibition – in other words, a "zero waste" concept. The exhibition content, in turn, was intended to generate a lasting interest in the church and its future. And the net proceeds of the entire project were to be donated to the Aachen Children's, Youth and Family Center "Maria im Tann" – a sustainable "plus" for a really good purpose.

Three representatives of the "Vorstadtikone" were pleased to hand over a donation check in the amount of 1070,70 € to the director of "Maria im Tann", Mr. Denis Thielen. The donation will be used for the institution's experiential education programs.

The project team would like to thank all those who, each in their own way, contributed to making this surplus possible in the first place: The visitors for purchasing the "Vorstadtikone“ jute bags, the sponsors of the exhibition (Sparkasse Aachen, gmp Architekten von Gerkan, Marg und Partner Aachen, Frankenne) for their financial support, with which the exhibition could be "pre-financed", and of course all supporters who made the project better known by spreading and sharing its contents.


Date and Venue

Monday 5, 2022, Children, Youth and Family Center "Maria im Tann"


Dipl.-Ing. Architektin Verena Hake
Dr.-Ing. Caroline Helmenstein