Portrait of International Guest Scientist Adelaide Di Nunzio


Dott. Mag.

Adelaide Di Nunzio

Chair of Architectural History

International Guest Scientist


Building: 1080 Reiff-Museum

Schinkelstraße 1

52062 Aachen


Curriculum Vitae

2006-2010 work for the Grazianeri photo-agency in Milan | since 2007 Member of Italian Order of Journalists Naples | 2011 Art project Manager and photographer, "Equal opportunities and promotion of women" a "12x8 Focus" Project by the European Community in collaboration with the "L'Orientale" University of Naples | 2011-2013 work for the Parallelozero photo-agency in Milan | 2014 Art project manager, author and teacher for the "M.A.F. Mythos, art and Photo" project, funded by the Municipality of Naples and the Italian government in Naples | 2014-2016 Teacher of photography for refugees, in collaboration with the NGO "Less" in Naples | since 2015 work for the KNA agency Bonn | 2017 work for the Getty Images photo-agency in Italy and Germany | 2018-2023 Teacher in Art and Multimedia at the Scientific / Classical High School "Vittorio Imbriani" in Pomigliano d'Arco, Naples | 2022-2023 Teacher of Visual Art and Design at IFK Cologne International School in Cologne | since 2022 Phd in Architecture at the Department of Building Engineering and Architecture at the University of L'Aquila with Prof. Federico De Matteis about the topic "Architectures of Rebirth – Contemporary Artistic Strategies of Rebirth. From Ruin to Effects on Society and Territory" | since 2023 Teacher in Art and Multimedia at the High School of Art and Multimedia “Archimede" in Naples | since 2023 Guest Phd at the Chair of Architectural History at RWTH Aachen University with Univ.-Prof. Dr.-Ing. Anke Naujokat


Main Research Areas

Architecture and society | Effect of crime on landscape, architecture and people in Southern Italy | Change of landscape and urban landscape | Society at risk | Environmental disaster and effect on society and architecture in Abruzzo, Italy | Photography | Documentary | Esthetics / Art


Publications (Selection)

Adelaide Di Nunzio: An Architecture of Criminality, in: Michael Kaethler, Louise Schouwenberg (eds.): The Auto-Ethnographic turn In Design, Amsterdam 2021, p. 280-285.

Adelaide Di Nunzio: Criminal Architectures, Paris 2020.

Adelaide Di Nunzio, Simona Fedi, Filippo Vosa: M.A.F: Mythos Art and Photos, M.A.F. Association Catalogue, Naples 2014.