Felix Martin


Research Assistant

Portrait of Lecturer Felix Martin
Chair of Architectural History


Building: 1080 Reiff-Museum

Schinkelstraße 1

52062 Aachen


Curriculum Vitae

2009-2016 Studies in Architecture at RWTH Aachen University and Dublin School of Architecture | Master's degree with Honors, RWTH Aachen University Springorum Medal | 2012-2013 Internship at the Cathedral Building Administration, Cologne, and at Denis Byrne Architects, Dublin | 2010-2016 Student Assistant at the Chair of Architectural History at RWTH Aachen University under Univ.-Prof. Dr.-Ing. Jan Pieper, collaboration on various research projects, e.g. "Die Hochkorridore von Sabbioneta", "Teatro. Bühnentechnik und Raumakustik im Theaterbau des 16. Jahrhunderts" and "Die Aula Regia in Aachen" (DFG-funded) | 2016-2017 Research Assistant at the Chair of Architectural History at RWTH Aachen University under Univ.-Prof. Dr.-Ing. Anke Naujokat, collaboration on the research project "" (DFG-funding requested) | 2017 Mary Vidal Memorial Award by the Historians of Eighteenth Century Art and Architecture | 2017 Teaching Fellow at the School of Architecture at Taliesin, USA | 2018 Research sojourn at Trinity College Dublin and Warburg Institute London, funded by the DAAD | Since 2018 Freelancer at Denis Byrne Architects, Dublin and Jäck Molina Architekten, Cologne | 2019 foundation of SMAA (with Tim Scheuer) | since 2019 member of the editorial board of the Open Access journal archimaera | since the end of 2019 teaching position at Biberach University of Applied Sciences in the subject "Building Survey / Preservation of Historical Monuments" | until the beginning of 2021 PhD-Scholarship, awarded by the Studienstiftung des deutschen Volkes



Current Research Project

PhD thesis on "The inhabited Monument. Public Magnificence and Private Restraint at Sir William Chambers’ Casino at Marino in Dublin." (DFG-funding requested)

"Re-Conceiving an Ancient Wonder. The Afterlife of the Mausoleum of Halicarnassus, 1500-1850."

Main Research Areas

Architecture of the Enlightenment in Ireland and Great Britain | English Landscape Gardens | Architectural Sensualism in the Eighteenth Century | Frank Lloyd Wright | Architectural Types and Themes | Transfer of Types as a Design Strategy | Dissemination and Analysis of Research Data in Architectural History


Main Publications

A complete list of Felix Martin's publications is available via RWTH Publications.


Felix Martin: Charakter und Ausdruck. Zur Stimmungserzeugung in der Architektur der Spätaufklärung, in: archimaera#8 (2019), p. 33-48.

Felix Martin: Do the Wright Thing, in: Bauwelt 9 (2020), p. 11.

Felix Martin: Living in a Monument. Building and Designing the Casino at Marino, in: Irish Architectural and Decorative Studies 21 (2019), p. 11-29.

Martina Trognitz, Ines Schwarzbach, Felix Martin: Bilder – Vektorgrafiken und CAD-Daten, in: IANUS (ed.): IT-Empfehlungen für den nachhaltigen Umgang mit digitalen Daten in den Altertumswissenschaften, Berlin 2017, p. 101-130.

Felix Martin: Analyzing Architectural Types and Themes as Design Strategy, in: 2017 Annual Meeting Paper Proceedings, 23-25 March 2017 in Detroit (MI), Association of Collegiate Schools of Architecture (2017), p. 178-184.


Daniel Buggert, Adria Daraban, Nadja Horsch, Karl R. Kegler, Felix Martin, Anke Naujokat, Rainer Schützeichel (eds.): archimaera 8 (2019), atmosphären (de).

Published Design Projects

Felix Martin: Haus des Tanzes – Ein Neubau für die Hochschule für Musik und Tanz in Köln, online publication on BauNetz Campus, 2016


Talks (Selection)

Felix Martin: Frank Lloyd Wright's Taliesin – An English Landscape Garden? | Paper Presentation at the 50th Annual Meeting of the American Society for Eighteenth Century Studies in Denver (CO), March 22-24, 2019.

Felix Martin: The Singular Cause. Or the Pluralism of Eighteenth-Century Design Concepts | Paper Presentation at the Conference 'Islands and Isolation', British Society for Eighteenth Century Studies at University of Oxford, January 4-6, 2019.

Felix Martin: Architectural Iconology or the Casino at Marino as an Object of Enlightenment Culture | Paper Presentation at the Conference "Mnemonic Waves", Warburg Institute London, November 15, 2018.

Anke Naujokat, Tobias Glitsch, Felix Martin: – Research Repository, Catalogue and Archive for Architectural History and Building Archeology | Paper Presentation at the Conference 'Virtual Models and Scientific Value – Historic Studies and Virtual Models in the Age of Digital Humanities', Technische Universität Berlin, November 7-8, 2018.

Felix Martin: Disseminating Refinement through Architectural Objects of Taste | Paper Presentation at the Conference 'Barbarism and Behaviour', British Society for Eighteenth Century Studies at Aix-Marseille Université, September 3-4, 2018.

Felix Martin: The Casino at Marino – Memories, Monuments, Enlightenment | Evening Lecture at the School of Architecture at Taliesin, Scottsdale (AZ), November 13, 2017.