Historical Design and Construction Processes

Reconstruction of the floor plan of the Aachen Palatine Chapel © Bruno Schindler

Aachen Palatine Chapel – Reconstruction of the Floor Plan


The research project on the Aachen Palatine Chapel reconstructed the geometry of the building's ground plan.


The Fontana dell'Acqua Felice in Rome © Public Domain

Fontana dell'Acqua Felice in Rome

The PhD project examines the creation and genesis, typology and significance of a core building of counter-reformatory urban water architecture.


Chain model of the Aachen Choir Hall © Bruno Schindler

Chain Models of the Aachen Cathedral

The series of research projects on chain models examines the load transfer of the Aachen Cathedral vaults.


Maria Laach Monastery Church © Tobias Glitsch

Maria Laach Monastery Church

The PhD project on Maria Laach analyzes the design history of the romanesque monastery church.


The church S. Andrea al Quirinale in Rome © Tobias Glitsch

S. Andrea al Quirinale

The PhD project on S. Andrea al Quirinale has produced the first wide-ranging monography covering the architecture of Gian Lorenzo Bernini's oval church.


Pilgrimage church in Scherpenheuvel © Tobias Glitsch

Scherpenheuvel. Church and City in a Heptagon (DFG)


The DFG-funded research project on Scherpenheuvel analyzes the genesis, shape and concept of said pilgrimage site at different scales.


Interior of St. Hubertus in the Past and Today © Archive St. Hubertus / Charleen Dierkes

St. Hubertus by Gottfried Böhm. Elaboration of the Planning and Construction History

A comprehensive study breaks down the churches' planning and construction history.




Villa Rotonda of Andrea Palladio in Vincenza © Bruno Schindler

Villa Rotonda – Reconstruction of the Ground Floor Plan


The research project on the Villa Rotonda dealt with the plan layout of the villa.