Architectural History of the Aachen Region

Reconstruction of the floor plan of the Aachen Palatine Chapel © Bruno Schindler

Aachen Palatine Chapel – Reconstruction of the Floor Plan


The research project on the Aachen Palatine Chapel reconstructed the geometry of the building's ground plan.


Interior view of the Auferstehungskirche © Imbi Leitaru

Protestant Churches in Aachen


The publication project aims to publish an architectural guide to the Protestant churches in Aachen, which was developed together with students.


Bird's Eye View of the Former Kornelimünster Abbey © Carsten Hensgens

Kornelimünster. The Early Modern Buildings of the Imperial Abbey


The research project deals with early modern buildings at the Imperial Abbey of Kornelimünster, the display of relics and imperial representation at a foundational site of the Holy Roman Empire.


Front view of the Institute for Communications Engineering and Radio Frequency Technology, Aachen © Anina Janich

Settings for Academia


In 2020, RWTH Aachen University celebrated the 150th anniversary of its foundation. The Chair is taking this as an opportunity to document, analyze and scientifically review the university's building stock.


Interior of St. Hubertus in the Past and Today © Archive St. Hubertus / Charleen Dierkes

St. Hubertus by Gottfried Böhm. Elaboration of the Planning and Construction History

A comprehensive study breaks down the churches' planning and construction history.




Detail of the St. Johannes Church in Merkstein with Bell © Felix Mayer

St. Johannes in Merkstein

The publication project includes extensive building documentation of the church of St. Johannes in Merkstein (1961/62, Emil Steffann) as well as scenarios for its future conversion.