Research Projects A-Z

Reconstruction of the floor plan of the Aachen Palatine Chapel © Bruno Schindler

Aachen Palatine Chapel – Reconstruction of the Floor Plan


The research project on the Aachen Palatine Chapel reconstructed the geometry of the building's ground plan.


Logo archimaera © archimaera



The open access journal is a forum for interdisciplinary and inter-methodological exchange on architecture.


Logo © Felix Martin (DFG)

The DFG-funded research project will develop an overarching digital platform that connects the field of building archaeology.


Church © Stefan Knecht

Bernhard Rotterdam

The PhD project aims to reappraise and document the early creative phase of the architect Bernhard Rotterdam and to look at it in its historical context.



Side view of Inveraray Castle © Tobias Glitsch

Beyond the Classical


The research project addresses the origins of stylistic pluralism in Great Britain and investigates typological and stylistic developments beyond its borders.


Blue-tiled building in front of a blue sky © Verena Hake

Blue Architecture


The research project "Blue Architecture" systematically deals with searching and finding, documenting and interpreting blue architecture from Babylon to the present.


The Casino at Marino in Dublin © Tim Scheuer

Casino at Marino in Dublin

The PhD project examines the Casino at Marino in Dublin and traces the emergence of public monumental architecture in the Enlightenment.


Brick facade of a church in front of blue sky © Caroline Helmenstein

Emil Steffann

The habilitation project deals with the life, work and after-effect of the architect and church builder Emil Steffann.


Facade of an Ottoman 19th Century Hospital © Hilal Ersan

European and Ottoman Hospital Architecture in the 19th Century

The PhD project deals with the influence of European hospital architecture on Ottoman hospital architecture in the 19th century.


Interior view of the Auferstehungskirche © Imbi Leitaru

Protestant Churches in Aachen


The publication project aims to publish an architectural guide to the Protestant churches in Aachen, which was developed together with students.


The Fontana dell'Acqua Felice in Rome © Public Domain

Fontana dell'Acqua Felice in Rome

The PhD project examines the creation and genesis, typology and significance of a core building of counter-reformatory urban water architecture.


Consequences of the flood disaster in Altenahr © Yannick Ley



The research project deals with the sustainable redesign of the cultural landscape of the Ahr valley based on a comprehensive study of its identity-forming features.


The Mausoleum of Halicarnassus © Public Domain

Halicarnassus (DFG)

The DFG-funded research project explores the ways in which written descriptions of the vanished Mausoleum of Halicarnassus informed Early Modern architects and artists.



Chain model of the Aachen Choir Hall © Bruno Schindler

Chain Models of the Aachen Cathedral


The series of research projects on chain models examines the load transfer of the Aachen Cathedral vaults.


Maria Laach Monastery Church © Tobias Glitsch

Maria Laach Monastery Church

The PhD project on Maria Laach analyzes the design history of the romanesque monastery church.


The Koepelkerk of Willemstad © Sara Dolls

Koepelkerk of Willemstad

The PhD project deals with the history of architecture and the design concept of the Koepelkerk in Willemstad.


Bird's eye view of the former Kornelimünster Abbey © Carsten Hensgens

Kornelimünster. The Early Modern Buildings of the Imperial Abbey


The research project deals with early modern buildings at the Imperial Abbey of Kornelimünster, the display of relics and imperial representation at a foundational site of the Holy Roman Empire.


Front view of the Institute for Communications Engineering and Radio Frequency Technology, Aachen © Anina Janich

Settings for Academia


In 2020, RWTH Aachen University celebrated the 150th anniversary of its foundation. The Chair is taking this as an opportunity to document, analyze and scientifically review the university's building stock.


Roma Sotterranea © Tobias Glitsch

Roma Sotterranea


The project will systematically examine the subterranean parts of the sacred buildings of Renaissance and Baroque Rome and capture them in all their functional and iconological complexity.


The church S. Andrea al Quirinale in Rome © Tobias Glitsch

S. Andrea al Quirinale

The PhD project on S. Andrea al Quirinale has produced the first wide-ranging monography covering the architecture of Gian Lorenzo Bernini's oval church.


Pilgrimage church in Scherpenheuvel © Tobias Glitsch

Scherpenheuvel. Church and City in a Heptagon (DFG)


The DFG-funded research project on Scherpenheuvel analyzes the genesis, shape and concept of said pilgrimage site at different scales.


Castle Church Lichtenburg, Prettin © Kirsten Vockel

Castle Church at Lichtenburg Castle in Prettin

The PhD project deals with the architectural history of the castle church at Schloss Lichtenburg in Prettin.



St. Alexander's Church in Warsaw © Public Domain

St. Alexander's Church in Warsaw

The PhD project deals with the reconstruction of the St. Alexander's Church in Warsaw.




Interior of St. Hubertus in the Past and Today © Archive St. Hubertus / Charleen Dierkes

St. Hubertus by Gottfried Böhm. Elaboration of the Planning and Construction History

A comprehensive study breaks down the churches' planning and construction history.




Detail of the St. Johannes church in Merkstein with bell © Felix Mayer

St. Johannes in Merkstein

The publication project includes extensive building documentation of the church of St. Johannes in Merkstein (1961/62, Emil Steffann) as well as scenarios for its future conversion.


Villa Rotonda of Andrea Palladio in Vincenza © Bruno Schindler

Villa Rotonda – Reconstruction of the Ground Floor Plan


The research project on the Villa Rotonda dealt with the plan layout of the villa.


The Church of San Lorenzo in Miranda in the Temple of Antoninus Pius and Faustina © Yannick Ley

Temple to Church


The PhD project deals with the conversion of ancient roman buildings into counter-reformation churches in Rome around 1600.


Silhouette of a rock-like church in front of a light pink background © Graphics team "Vorstadtikone"

Vorstadtikone – St. Hubertus by Gottfried Böhm. Visiting the "Backenzahn"

In and around the Aachen church St. Hubertus by Gottfried Böhm, sometimes referred to as the "Backenzahn", we have launched the exhibition "Vorstadtikone" about the church itself on June 25.