M2 | Design Project

Perspective view of a design for the river floodplain in Mayschoss Copyright: © Christian Klosterkötter and Judith Sigel

WT 2022/23 | Futur[AHR]

Following the analysis of the landscape and the architectural history of distinctive villages along the course of the Ahr, impulse-giving building designs were developed around the building ensemble of the winegrowers' cooperative in Mayschoß, which was damaged by the flood.


Franziska Müller and Britta Schebesta Copyright: © Franziska Müller and Britta Schebesta

WT 2021/22 | St. Hubertus

The design project aimed to explore the spatial and functional potential of the Church of St. Hubertus by Gottfried Böhm anew and to develop future alternative uses for the church building.


Mara Petri and Henning Storch Copyright: © Mara Petri and Henning Storch

WT 2021/22 | Adaptive Reuse

Based on buildings from different centuries as well as given uses, different ways of dealing with existing buildings were to be tested first, before selected designs were subsequently expanded and elaborated.


Perspective Rooftop terrace Copyright: © Luisa Fiedler and Isabel Furtenhofer

ST 2020 | Urban Central Campus

In the design part of the two-semester module, solutions were developed for the conversion and extension of existing buildings on the central campus in Aachen.


View on the private residence Copyright: © Laurenz Härtl and Signe Schuler

ST 2019 | Swiss Embassy in Ethiopia

Within the framework of the two-semester design project, we have developed new perspectives for the Swiss Embassy in Addis Ababa, the capital of Ethiopia, and thus created an architectural dialogue between two completely different cultures.


Perspective Hendrik Hermans Copyright: © Hendrik Hermans

WT 2017/18 | Future of a Church

As a result of the parish mergers in the diocese of Aachen, the church of St. Johannes in Merkstein was removed from funding by the diocese. Hence the question arises as to what the future of this church might look like.


Perspective Copyright: © Hanna Potulski

ST 2017 | Kármán 2.0

How can the former Kármán Forum become a link between the RWTH Aachen Campus and the city centre?