WT 2022/23 | Schloss & Gut Kalkofen

  Outside View of Schloss & Gut Kalkofen Copyright: © Femke Hagedorn

Schloss & Gut Kalkofen: Yesterday – Today – Tomorrow

Master's Thesis by Femke Hagedorn

Schloss und Gut Kalkofen is located northeast of Aachen's city center. Today, the approximately 40-hectare estate rises like a green island between industrial areas and main roads. Kalkofen was first mentioned in a document in 1437 and was fortified in the late 16th century to form a four-winged complex with a surrounding moat. The wall belt with the embrasures still testifies to the fortified character of the former moated castle, which was converted into a French-style pleasure palace from 1750 onwards according to plans by Johann Joseph Couven. The garden architecture of the 18th and 19th centuries reflects the change from geometric gardens to extensive landscape parks. Unfortunately, the destruction during the Second World War caused great damage to the building fabric and only individual fragments of the former garden splendor have been preserved.

In the context of this master's thesis, for the first time a comprehensive inventory of the structural plant has been made, as well as the drawing of a comprehensive picture of the overall history. In addition, possibilities are shown how to deal with the historical monument in the future, in order to use existing potentials even better and to strengthen the property as a unit.

On the one hand, the garden architecture is reconstructed in its basic features and made experiencable. On the other hand, the new utilization concept provides for uses appropriate to the 21st century. Thus, not only ornamental plants but above all useful plants are to be cultivated in the newly created beds. The new open-space design will guide visitors through the site and inform them about Kalkofen's history in the form of display walls. The design increases the visibility of the monument and the public's interest in Kalkofen's history. At the same time, the privately owned property retains its character as a place of residence.



Univ.-Prof. Dr.-Ing. Anke Naujokat (Examination)
Univ.-Prof. Dr.-Ing. Frank Lohrberg (Co-Examination)
Dr.-Ing Tobias Glitsch