M3 | Master's Thesis

colonnade of the main façade of the Victoria Studienhaus in Berlin Copyright: © Sophie Schleimer

WiSe 2022/23 | The Architectural Work of Emilie Winkelmann

This master's thesis is dedicated to the largely unexplored œuvre of Emilie Winkelmann, Germany's first female freelance architect.


Photo of the Exterior of the Baroque Corridor of the Pilgrimage Church of Scherpenheuvel Copyright: © Anina Janich

WiSe 2022/23 | The "Barokgang" of Scherpenheuvel

Employing the methods of historical building research, this master's thesis examines the formerly largely unresearched Baroque Corridor in between the Pilgrimage Church and the former monastery building of Scherpenheuvel.


Outside View of Schloss & Gut Kalkofen Copyright: © Femke Hagedorn

WiSe 2022/23 | Schloss & Gut Kalkofen

Within the scope of this master's thesis, a comprehensive inventory of the building complex of Schloss & Gut Kalkofen in Aachen was created – supplemented by a catalog of measures for a possible future handling of the landmarked building.


outside view of the Cappella Emiliana directly at the lagoon Copyright: © Alexander Cattaneo

ST 2021 | The Architecture of the Cappella Emiliana

This master's thesis deals with the documentation, analysis and contextualization of the Cappella Emiliana of San Michele using the methods of historical building research.


photograph of the high altar inside of the pilgrimage church of Scherpenheuvel Copyright: © Yannick Ley

ST 2020 | The High Altar of Scherpenheuvel

The master’s thesis which has its origin in the DFG-funded research project „Scherpenheuvel. Church and City in a Heptagon“ includes the first documentation, analysis and contextualization of the high altar.