B4 | Bachelor's Thesis

aerial view of the pilgrimage church of Scherpenheuvel Copyright: © AGes

WT 2020/21 | The Tower of the Pilgrimage Church in Scherpenheuvel

The bachelor's thesis which has its origin in the DFG-funded research project „Scherpenheuvel. Church and City in a Heptagon“ deals with the so far largely unexplored history of the tower of the pilgrimage church.


Conversion Salvatorklause Copyright: © Luisa Seliger

WT 2020/21 | Salvatorklause

This winter term, the Bachelor's Thesis Design Project dealt with the conversion and the rebuilding of the Salvatorklause into a music workshop. Furthermore, a practice hermitage of the University of Music with possible concerts in the church was to be built.


Hairpin Curve with Building Copyright: © Felix Piel

ST 2020 | 180° – Building in a Hairpin Curve

In the framework of the B4 project, the students designed their own accommodation in a hairpin curve of the Furka Pass or the nearby Grimsel Pass.


Perspective of a Corner Building Copyright: © Anton Roosen

WT 2019/20 | The House on the Corner II

This semester we have again been looking for solutions for the exciting building task "corner house". In the following you will find two particularly successful solutions.


Perspective of a Corner Building Copyright: © Luisa Fiedler

ST 2018 | The House on the Corner

In the Gründerzeit the building task of the bourgeois corner house was very popular. After decades of undifferentiated corner house architecture, we ask what a good corner house of the 21st century can look like.


Vertical section thermal spring baths Jana Gampp Copyright: © Jana Gampp

ST 2017 | Vertical Bathing: Thermal Spring Baths Aachen

What architectural form has to be created for the very private event of bathing if this takes place in such a public spot like Aachen's Old Town? A selection of drafts of the Bachelor's thesis presents possible answers.