M2.2 | SM | Emil Steffann - Built Simplicity

  Foyer of St. Johannes in Merkstein Copyright: © Felix Mayer  

Designing an Exhibition

Appropriate material, design, location, and purpose – Emil Steffan's conviction that architecture arises from the truth of the material, the logic of the design, the conditions of the location, and the purpose of the task is still current. His architecture does not adhere to a trend bound by time, but rather are simultaneously traditional and timeless. Within the framework of the supplemental module for the M2 Design-Project „Future of a Church – Visions and Concepts for St. Johannes at Merkstein“ the entire architectural work of Emil Steffann will be systematically revisited using selected examples. The results will be places on posters and unified models that will serve as a foundation for an exhibition on his work in fall 2018. The supplemental module to the M2 Design-Project began winter semester 2017/18 and will continue in the current summer semester.



Supplemental Module to M2
M.Sc. | 2nd and 3rd Semester


Final colloquium: presumably June 19, 2018, 9:30am to 1:00pm


Dr.-Ing. Caroline Helmenstein