L | Typological Drawing

  Typological Drawing © AGes  

The lecture Typological Drawing deepens the instruments of drawing analysis of the built architecture in terms of content and method. In the compulsory exercise of architectural history in the bachelor's programme of the 3rd semester, construction tasks of historical architecture are exemplarily sketched out and spatially analysed by means of practical co-drawing. 
The reduced graphic representation of the built reality leads to a graphic reduction to the structure and the significant architectural elements of the building. The selection of the buildings examined is based both on the contents of the architectural history examination and on overriding themes such as scale, spatial arrangement, development, composition and detailing. Analytical ground plans and outlines will provide an insight into the techniques used by the architect in the design process. 
The results will be summarized in a sketchbook, the grade of which will be part of the final colloquium of the module.



Cultural and Historical Basics II
B.Sc. | 3rd Semester


Tuesdays, 4:15pm to 5:45pm, PPS H2
Start: October 9, 2018


Dipl. Arch. Bruno Schindler