M2.1 | 150 Years of RWTH Aachen University

  TH buildings on Königshügel Copyright: © Hamburger Aero LLoyd  

150 Jahre of RWTH Aachen University: Architecture and Urban Development

In the coming year 2020, the RWTH will turn 150 and can therefore look back on a correspondingly long architectural development. On this occasion, the two-semester M2 project is dedicated to the university's buildings and consists of a research-based part and a design project.

In the winter term (M2.1), the students will examine the RWTH Aachen University's architectural history and write articles on an RWTH architectural guide. They will collect information on significant buildings and construction phases of the university both from the existing literature and via own archival research, prepare graphic and photographic documentation and compile and design concise textual contributions. The results of the seminar are to be published as part of an exhibition and/or publication which is intended as the Chair's contribution to the anniversary celebrations.

In the summer term (M2.2), based on their knowledge of the compositional status quo gained in the first semester and against the backdrop of current planning discussions at the university, the students will then develop their own design proposal for the upgrading and development of the interior of the CAMPUS Mitte between Schinkelstraße and Wüllnerstraße. The design project in the summer semester will be supervised by Bruno Schindler and Verena Hake.



M2.1 Student Research Project and Design Project
M.Sc. | 1st and 2nd Semester


Kick-Off: Tuesday, October 15, 2019, 9am to 2pm, AGes Library
Final Crit: Tuesday, February 18, 2020


Univ.-Prof. Dr.-Ing. Anke Naujokat
Dr.-Ing. Tobias Glitsch
Carsten Hensgens, M. Sc. RWTH