FR | Architectural guide Protestant Churches | Preparing the Publication

  Interior View of the Auferstehungskirche Copyright: © Imbi Leitaru  

Architectural guide Protestant churches in Aachen - Preparation of the publication

The research field aims to accompany the results of several courses, in the context of which contents for an architectural guide to the Protestant churches in Aachen - from the Annakirche, which was taken into use in 1802, to the new Genezareth-Kirche on Vaalser Straße, which was completed in 2018 - were worked out, until they are finally ready for publication.

A great amount of interest in the conception and creation of layouts, plans, illustrations and graphics is assumed here, in addition to a fundamental interest in the subject matter.



Field of Research
M.Sc. | 1st to 3rd semester


Project meetings: weekly from Friday, December 4, 2020, 12noon to 12:45pm, via Zoom
End of project and submission: Friday, March 12, 2021


Dr.-Ing. Caroline Helmenstein