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  construction surveying inside the church in Willemstad Copyright: © Sara Dolls  

This field of research aims at students with a deep interest in building archaeology and building surveying.

The various steps of a building survey have long since ceased to be located "in situ", thus on site. The diversity of digital building documentation makes it possible to collect large amounts of data over a short period of time, which can also be processed "ex situ", thus elsewhere. Since the time spent on site is usually limited, this has a great advantage, but at the same time also the equally great disadvantage of distancing oneself from the building. In order to compensate this, it is always necessary to categorize the individual areas of the building on site: Which data must already be evaluated "in situ", which evaluations can also be carried out "ex situ"? Which methods are particularly suitable for which building areas? When is the use of SfM (Structure from Motion) based technologies worthwhile, when not?

The tachymetric building survey, which we will create "in situ" during an eight to ten day building survey campaign in Willemstad (Netherlands), forms our basic framework for the drawing-based plan consolidation via the SfM-method, which will subsequently be carried out in large parts "ex situ" in Aachen.

Students who have already gained experience in digital building surveying during their studies are especially invited to attend. If you are interested in participating in this course, please send a letter of motivation to the lecturer by March 25, 2022, outlining a brief overview of your knowledge in the field of building surveying.



Field of Research (6 CP)
M.Sc. | 2nd and 3rd semester


The research field is held as a compact course during the second half of the semester.
Information on the building survey campaign will be announced during the semester.


Sara Dolls M.A.