B4 | Huis aan de Markt

  Market Square of Sittard with Department Store V&D Copyright: © Archief 1L / 1limburg.nl  

Huis aan de Markt – The people of Sittard build a Town Hall

Buildings of communal authorities are capable of offering citizens a bodily experience of democracy. In times of a global recline of democracies, architecture is even more needed to make the principles of representative democracy more accessible again. It is against this background that we intend to investigate the typology of the city hall in the course of this bachelor's thesis.

In 1968, the historic city hall of the Limburgian city of Sittard was demolished and replaced by a building for the Dutch department store Vroom & Dreesmann. Following years of controversies, the city government is currently seeking to demolish the store building and replace it with a new Huis aan de Markt comprising of a council hall and chambers as well as apartments and workspaces.

In spite of Sittard's loss of the old city hall – a painful incident for many citizens – we seek to design a contemporary version of a centuries-old building type. This bachelor's thesis will tackle the challenge to merge in one design disparate functions and features such as private and public spaces, a clock tower and an architectural articulation of the yearly Appelsienesjmiete – a carnevalesque custom where officials throw oranges to local children.



B4 Design Project
B.Sc. | 6th semester


Kick-off: April 8, 2022, 9am to 11am, on the market of Sittard
Supervision: Tuesdays, 9am to 1pm, AGes Library
Submission: July 8, 2022
Final crit: July 11 to 15, 2022


Univ.-Prof. Dr.-Ing. Anke Naujokat (Examination)
Prof. I.V. Ir. Fred Humblé (Co-Examination)
Felix Martin, M. Sc. RWTH
Tim Scheuer, M. Sc. RWTH (Adjunct)