FR | Gottfried Böhm – Church Building

  Three churches from different work phases of the architect Gottfried Böhm, mounted next to each other © Raimond Spekking, Hans Peter Schaefer and Michel Decrevel (mod.)  

The research field, designed for two semesters, is intended to prepare a possible future research project on the (church) buildings of the architect Gottfried Böhm and is connected to the chair's current M2 project on the conversion of the Böhm Church of St. Hubertus in Aachen-Hanbruch.
The aim of the research field is to research and compile the literature on all of Gottfried Böhm's church buildings as comprehensively as possible with the help of the catalogs of works. An Excel spreadsheet will be created and maintained to provide an overview.

In addition, further detailed information on church buildings of a specific work phase – that of the 1960s – are to be compiled, for example, by contacting the corresponding church congregations or – if not too far away – by visiting the archives.
Prerequisites for participation in the research field therefore are, above all, a very careful and precise way of working as well as communicative skills.



Field of Research
M.Sc. | 1st to 3rd semester
Over the course of two semesters, 6 CPs


Introduction: CV 41, day and time to be arranged individually
Project meeting: by arrangement, via Zoom and in the Library of the Chair of Architectural History
Submission: Friday, July 1, 2022


Dr.-Ing. Caroline Helmenstein