FR | in situ /ex situ

  Students at the building survey in Rome Copyright: © Julius Ebke  

Students who have a pronounced interest in building research and who have already gained experience at least in the field of tachymetric building survey, can deepen their knowledge of building surveys within this field of research. Which methods are particularly suitable for which building areas? How can digital and analogue methods be combined in a meaningful way? When is the use of SfM (Structure from Motion) based technologies worthwhile, when not?
We will pursue these questions "in situ" in and at the Fontana dell'Acqua Felice in Rome and complete the previous building surveys. "Ex situ" – after our return to Aachen – the data obtained on site will be transformed into print-ready drawings.



Field of Research
M.Sc. | 2nd and 3rd semester


The research field began last semester and will be continued this semester.


Dipl.-Ing. Architektin Verena Hake