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  Students at a building survey in Rome © Julius Ebke  

Students who have a strong interest in Historical Building Archaeology can participate in the field of research as an assistant on one of the following research projects:

Villa Schüll in Aachen
Leonidaion Baths in Olympia
Hunting Lodge Baum in Bückeburg

The range of tasks depends on the project. Tasks include: The evaluation and post-processing of building survey data (measurement data from various surveying methods, e. g. laser scanning, tachymetric surveying, structure-from-motion) up to the layouted set of plans, the graphic implementation of reconstruction proposals (drawings, 3D models), scientific work (literature research, digitization), and the exploration of innovative Survey technologies (combining 3D-Photgrammetry with Computer Vision, Neural Radiance Fields, ...).

If necessary, there is the possibility (depending on the project) to participate in a building survey campaign. Since these are ongoing research projects and the planning of a building survey depends on the evaluation of the previously collected data, the decision for or against a campaign is made in the current semester.

If you have any questions about the listed research projects, please contact the respective supervisors (contact: see below).



Field of Research
M. Sc. | all semesters


Introduction: Date will be announced after place allocation, AGes Library
Further dates will be scheduled depending on each individual project.
Submission: The date of submission depends on the project and is agreed on with the lecturers.


Sara Dolls M.A. (Leonidaion Baths)
Dr.-Ing. Felix Martin (Hunting Lodge Baum)
Yannick Ley, M. Sc. RWTH (Villa Schüll)