A complete list of publications by the Chair of Architectural History.
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Research Profile

Research at the Chair of Architectural History is usually based on the object itself and starts with meticulous in situ building research.
Photo: Tim Scheuer

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The DFG-funded research project on Scherpenheuvel analyzes the genesis, shape and concept of said pilgrimage site at different scales.
Photo: Tobias Glitsch

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The research project will develop an overarching digital platform that connects the field of historic building research.
Diagram: Felix Martin



PhD Theses

The Chair of Architectural History supervises dissertations on a wide variety of topics.
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Chain Models

The series of research projects on chain models examines the load transfer of the Aachen Cathedral vaults.
Photo: Bruno Schindler

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Aachen Palatine Chapel

The research project on the Aachen Palatine Chapel reconstructed the geometry of the building's ground plan.
Photo: Bruno Schindler

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Villa Rotonda

The research project on the Villa Rotonda dealt with the plan layout of the villa.
Photo: Bruno Schindler

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The project explores the ways in which written descriptions of the vanished Mausoleum of Halicarnassus informed Early Modern architects and artists.
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