Basic Instruction

General Instructions in the ManuLab for Students

Dear students,

In order that you can continue using the service facility Manu-Lab and its machines and tools, compulsory information and access instructions* will take place again (approx. 2 hrs.). As you know, every student has to revisit these instructions every year. Individual instruction sessions sadly cannot be realized, which is why it is advisable to register on the lists as soon as possible. The registration lists will be open until the middle of May. Any student who participated in the instruction sessions last winter semester (2016/17) does not have to attend again this semester.

Newly enrolled students at the faculty in particular are asked to sign up for one of the first dates, in order to be able to use the ManuLab soon.

The exact dates are accessible in myreiff under office hours. Please register immediately.


The Manu-Lab Team

For any further query:

*Instructions according to 4 of the Accident Prevention Regulation (UVV) "Principles of Prevention" (Accident Prevention Regulation & Insurance Association regulation A1 – BGV A1), respectively 12 of the labor protection law.

General Instructions for employees - information event ManuLab

Dear all,

For anyone who wants to get to know the ManuLab better, or who wants to become more active in it, e.g. in the context of university courses, we would like to offer an information event for all staff.