Modeling Virtual Reality

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In this project, an industrial production technology for folded facade elements made of textile concrete is developed and applied to an exemplary facade product. For the use case of „facade“, complex geometries are defined and a method for the reshaping of concrete which is still in a plastically formable state is established. With the help of a novel folding tool and an innovative method of shaping, a TRC-facade element will be created that exceeds conventional concrete facades regarding technical functionality and aesthetic optics.

Project duration

01.06.2014 – 31.05.2016

Project's participants
Department for Sculptural Design RWTH, Aachen (Lead: Dipl. Ing. Kevin Pidun)
Institute for Textile Technology RWTH
Institute for Building Materials Research
W+S Bauinstandsetzungs GmbH
Ingema GmbH
Florack Bauunternehmung GmbH





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