Evaluation Criteria


Evaluation criteria
Basics of sculptural design

We focus on fundamental problems with finding forms and shaping, as well as the mediation of methods and techniques of scultpural design with materials like wood, gypsum, stone, metal, plastics, etc. The experiences during the conversion of idea and material serve a subjective process of finding methods and terms, also considering space and spatial thinking which casts down assimilatingly on the quality of drafts on architectural design. Different sculptural exercises and tasks aim at:

  • Establishing creative behavior, individually or in the group
  • Experimental curiosity and flexibility towards encountered norms and schemas in the area of design
  • Aesthetic decision-making ability due to self-chosen and justifiable criteria
  • The ability to organize aesthetic systems by yourself, also materializing them

In order to be able to grade the design excercises, following criteria are used:

  • Creativity; orginiality
  • Performance; technical skills
  • Form perception; faculty of abstraction; constructive appreciation
  • Comprehending the task; autonomy; conceptuality