RiechEi Sculpture at Rosenquelle / Burtscheid



fountain in Aachen Copyright: Marga Meier

The idea for the water calendar

For the Karlsjahr 2014, a calendar with myths, images and histories concerning Karl the Great and Aachen has been designed. It was thought of as a social project for the wealth of KINDER IN NOT in the region of Aachen, having an edition of 4000 pieces. With the proceeds from selling and additional donations of a total amount of aroun 17000 Euro, the calendar saw a great success. This encouraged the initiator Marga Meier to continue this idea.

Nothing suggests itself more immediately in Aachen than to take up the topic of „water“ which had the greatest importance for the development of the city, even for thousands of years. Famous personalities that deal with this topic – sometimes even as a profession – spontaneously contracted into providing texts. Due to this, places in Aachen have been revealed that were relatively unknown before, opening many doors to interesting new insights.

From the sources to the recent bath culture, 12 topics have been compiled which examine the geology, history, industry, bathing culture and arts.

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A Sculpture For The Senses


The RiechEi – a sculpture for the senses

Having the topic „water/container“ as a basis, our group approached the task naively in a positive sense, creating a frame for the spring water of Aachen.

What is it that makes this water so special? It is warm, it steams, stinks, tastes like sulphur. Our scultpure was supposed to make the water alive using all senses, resulting in having an adult visitor experience the source like a child. We wanted to evoke activitiy, letting him smell, taste, splash and marvel. A sulphur egg, a yellow egg, an addled egg – associatively, the individual aspects of the quality of experience have been exploited as a sculpture. One should be able to enter the sculpture, feeling steam and heat on your skin, hearing the trickling. Especially for this purpose, a cascade of organic basins have been adjusted to the interior of the GFK body. Like on a good adventure playground, the water flows from one basin into the next, finally disappearing into the wall again... depending on the wind strength, it might land on your shoes as well...! The one who leaves the worn-out paths gets his feet wet sometimes. Well, they dry again eventually.