April 2, 2023 | The Chair on Instagram

  Instagram profile of the chair on a mobile phone Copyright: © AGes

Since April 2, 2023 you can also find our chair on Instagram!

Our account @architekturgeschichte_rwth regularly provides information, updates and background information about the chair as well as interesting facts about the history of architecture.

In the category "AGES Bib" you can discover novelties and classics from our chair library. You can find out which special elements constitute architecture in the "AGES Elemente" category of the same name: Here we introduce you to particularly fascinating staircases, facades, roofs, etc. across locations and epochs. In the category "AGES Best Of" you can take a look at the best structural design and theory projects created at the chair. All these categories have one thing in common: they offer a lot of inspiration!

If you want to get an insight into the manifold research, publication, campaign and excursion activities of the chair, you will find it in the categories "AGES Forschung", "AGES Publikation" and "AGES Unterwegs". Information on events and exhibitions of the Chair can be found in the categories "AGES Einladung" and "AGES Aktivität".

Look forward to exciting and of course educational content - we are looking forward to seeing you!





Team of the Chair