Protestant Churches in Aachen

  Interior View of the Auferstehungskirche Copyright: © Imbi Leitaru  

Protestant Churches in Aachen – An Architectural Guide

Due to a manageable Protestant congregation, the number of Protestant churches in Aachen was limited to the Annakirche and the historicist Dreifaltigkeitskirche until the middle of the 20th century. After World War II, the number of congregation members increased rapidly, necessitating the construction of numerous new churches and community centers in the following decades.
The Protestant churches in Aachen, from the Annakirche, which was put into use in 1802, to the new Genezareth-Church on Vaalser Straße, which was completed in 2018, were examined individually and placed in the history of Protestant church building as part of several courses by architecture students at RWTH Aachen University that built on one another.

The presentation, which is related to the area of the Protestant church community of Aachen, also focuses on supposedly inconspicuous church buildings that characterize the individual city districts in large numbers, and does not disregard churches and community centers that have since been demolished. The examples from Aachen are representative of the immense number of churches built under similar conditions in other cities and communities. They are a perfect example of the lines of development, not only in Protestant church building.

In cooperation with the Protestant church community of Aachen, the content assembled by the students is currently being compiled into a comprehensive overall presentation of the Protestant churches and community centers in Aachen.



Dr.-Ing. Caroline Helmenstein