Parents and Teachers

Studying at RWTH Aachen University

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What kind of reputation does RWTH Aachen have as a university? What are the advantages of studying at an Excellence university? Find out why it is worth to enroll at RWTH Aachen.

Choosing A Course of Study


Have you still not made a decision? Take advantage of our services that can help you choose a course of study. You will find the subject right for you.

Help With Choosing a Course of Study

Student Advice Centre from the outside

The Student Advice Centre cooperates with schools and also supports parents accompanying their children on the path to making a decision. Photo: Student Advice Centre


Offers for School Students

Children solving the game "Verhexte Wege"

Is your child already interested in science? Opportunities exist at RWTH Aachen to get to know the university long before the Abitur. Browse through our event calendar or seek advising directly from us.

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Vocational Training

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RWTH Aachen is largest employer and vocational training facility in the region. Is your child interested in vocational training at the university? 700 apprentices are currently profiting from the research oriented and practical training. Photo: Peter Winandy

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Courses of Study

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What can I study in Aachen? What subjects can I combine? What degrees are there? Photo: Peter Winandy

Offers for Teachers
SAM logo

SAM on Tour

The RWTH Aachen SelfAssessments or SAM are getting mobile: from now on, schools have the opportunity to use the new “SAM on Tour” service. Upon request, a trained team from RWTH Aachen will come to your school, making it possible for pupils to complete self-assessments in familiar surroundings during class hours. The service is free of charge and all necessary equipment will be provided.

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Two school students sitting in front of a monitor

Netzwerk Teilchenwelt

The Netzwerk Teilchenwelt offers a hands-on approach to particle physics and astroparticle physics. The world of quarks, electrons, and co. can be experienced up close in schools, school laboratories, and museums. Photo: Juliana Socher/TU Dresden

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Special Offers for Parents at RWTH Aachen
Family Services group photo

Family Services Center

The Family Services Center is an advising and information office for all members of the university, who are expecting a child or are already parents. We are the right contact person for topics such as childcare, studying as a parent, maternity leave, or holiday free time. Photo: Peter Winandy

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The Family Services Center organizes childcare free of charge during events at the university as a particular service for members of institutes, central institutions, and other RWTH Aachen institutions.

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Childcare provider look at a book with a child

Parent-Child Groups

The Family Services Center offers a parent-child group for RWTH Aachen members every semester, in collaboration with Student Services. Photo: Peter Winandy

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Bike with childseat

Väterarbeit at RWTH

Do you want a more active role as a father in raising your children? Do you have the feeling that you cannot accomodate family and studies or career? Then the Väterarbeit Project is right for you. Talk with others and take part!

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Equal Opportunities Office Team

Equal Opportunities Office

The Equal Opportunitiees Office works for the promotion of equal rights and the assurance of equal treatment, as well as the compatability of family, studies, and career. It organizes many interesting events for parents and those who wish to become parents. Photo: Equal Opportunities Office

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Advising for (Expecting) Parents

The RWTH Aachen Family Services Center supports all members of the university in questions about family and the compatability of studies, career, research, and family. It invites you to take advantage of their comprehensive advising services about maternity rights, parent allowance, and parents' rights.

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Award Ceremony for FAMOS für Familie


RWTH Aachen honors the commitment of its employees to family-friendliness with the "FAMOS für FAMILIE" award". The prize is awarded by the University's Family Services Center and is endowed with 500 Euros. Photo: Martin Lux

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International Family Breakfast


Are you interested in an internation family breakfast, a father-child forest adventure, or an information evening about maternity leave? The RWTH Aachen Equal Opportunities Office regularly hosts events on these topics and many others. Photo: Antje Becker

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Bridge Courses

Students listen to a lecture in a lecture hall

Does your child want to review math material from school? Freshen up on their Latin or French? And get to know future fellow students while doing so? All of that is possible in the RWTH Aachen bridge courses. Photo: Peter Winandy

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Financing & Funding

Three students talking to each other

How much do studies even cost? Find out about the semester fee, BAföG, scholarships, and more on the topic Financing & Funding. Photo: Thilo Vogel

Accommodations in Aachen


beds are used by students in Aachen Student Services' dorms. Where do you sleep?

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Orientation Week

Students talking

Each October the university and student representative councils organize special info events so that first-year students feel comfortable at RWTH Aachen right from the start. These events promote access to the university and city as well as contact among students.

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