May 4 and 5, 2023 | Review: Community Convention (DFG)

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On May 4 and 5, 2023, hosted the conference "Build on Data // Auf Daten bauen. Research Data in Historical Building Research and Conservation at the TU Berlin's Department of Architecture".

The data portal endeavours to establish a platform for a modern, professional management of digital data and to allow open access to the digital research data of the discipline of historical building research for anyone who is interested in them under certain legal conditions. The aim of the conference was therefore to become better acquainted with the needs that arise in the context of archieving and subsequently re-using digital research data at universities, architects' and conservation architects' practices, and other institutions, as well as to discuss how to deal with that data. The conference was an important event for the development of, since it aims to develop – together with its academic and professional community – a new research environment for historical building research and heritage conservation in which data can be used cooperatively in the future.

Three sessions were organized and meant to involve the participants as much as possible and to create a productive atmosphere: In the first session, was presented and discussed with the entire audience, in a second session some of the participants presented posters on their specialist projects, and a third session offered several workshops on specific topics. During the discussions and coffee breaks, it became clear that there is a great interest in discussing the management of research data in historical building research. Especially in the workshops, more time would have been needed to meet the community's desire to discuss the topics further.

The conference was held as a hybrid event. Fifty-three participants attended on the first day and thirty-six on the second. A further sixty-eight people registered for online participation. would like to thank all participants for their presentations, posters, contributions to the debates and discussions during the breaks, and ensures that their thoughts, advice and use cases will be considered for the development of the portal.

In conclusion, is confident that the needs of our specialist community are comprehensive and wide-ranging. The research data portal will make a significant contribution to the digitization of our discipline by enabling interested parties to store, find, access, reuse and operat with our research data.


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