What is myREIFF?
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  • Improvement of communication between students and lecturers
  • Virtual floor of the Faculty of Architecture
  • Improvement of all studying and administrative processes


The beginning of myREIFF in the year 2002 was the development of a digital drawing of lectures. The students could not always find seminars according to their study level. With myREIFF's help the digital drawing improved the lecture assignment from under 70% up to 98,5%.

Today, myREIFF is more than a tool for drawing seminars. Students and lecturers are often logged in because the number of offered tools constantly grows. Although myREIFF is actually an internet platform, it is understood as the virtual 5th floor of the Reiffmuseum. Hence, all the tools imitate virtual conversations on the corridor. Much information can be accessed on the platform. However, there are mainly tools for the communication between students and lecturers. Seminars can be managed and daily routine activities can be faciliated. For example, the students send their plot files to be plotted in the CIP-Pool of the Faculty via the internet.

myREIFF is developed further and is also used at the University of Karlsruhe. The platform is passed on to other faculties and universities free of charge. Once you have a myREIFF login, you will not lose it again, this way myREIFF also supports networking for all those who have ever studied or taught at REIFF.

Overview of some of the features

  • Communication
    Who‘s onCampus, Chat, Instant Messaging, Forum, Newsletter, RSS-Feeds, myREIFF-Faces (Picture Gallery After Events), RWTH Link List, Support

  • Courses
    Registration for courses (if necessary via drawing procedure), management of courses, time controlled organization of digital submissions

  • Administration
    Inventory data base, equipment rental, organization of plot service, calendar (ical-sync) with representation in the browser, protocol and task module

  • Studies
    Mentoring sessions, competence search (voluntary detail), voluntary data release for students