Portrait of Research Assistant Tobias Glitsch



Tobias Glitsch

Chair of Architectural History

Research Assistant


Building: 1080 Reiff-Museum

Room: R 118

Schinkelstraße 1

52062 Aachen


OrcID: 0000-0002-9911-2955


Phone: +49 241 80 93705
Fax Fax: +49 241 80 92314

Consultation Hour

Mondays, 9am to 10am | Appointments to be requested via e-mail


In addition to his extensive teaching and research activities, Tobias Glitsch is responsible for both the Chair's and the DokuLab's research equipment. Moreover, he is a member of the Faculty's library commission, the "Reiff Labs" and the "Foreign Relations" working groups and Academic Advisor for the exchange programmes with Great Britain and Italy.


Curriculum Vitae

1997-2005 Studies in Architecture with specialization in Contextualism and Architectural Conservation at RWTH Aachen University, Edinburgh College of Art, and the Scottish Centre for Conservation Studies, Edinburgh | Internships with the Rheinisches Amt für Denkmalpflege, Brauweiler and with architectural firms focussing on conservation | 2005 Diploma | 2005-2009 Freelance collaborator on publications by the Chair of Architectural History and Conservation at RWTH Aachen University and by the design office [synthese], Aachen | 2009-2012 Doctoral fellow, later guest at the Bibliotheca Hertziana - Max-Planck-Institut für Kunstgeschichte, Rome | 2013-2014 Freelance collaborator at the Department of Architectural History at FH Aachen with Prof. Dr.-Ing. Anke Naujokat | since 2014 Research assistant at the Chair of Architectural History at RWTH Aachen University with Univ.-Prof. Dr.-Ing. Anke Naujokat | 2018 Doctorate summa cum laude with a thesis on Gian Lorenzo Bernini's church of S. Andrea al Quirinale in Rome

Member of, among others, the Koldewey Society for Research in Architectural History and the European Architectural History Network


Teaching Activities

Tobias Glitsch is involved in the first year lecture series "Building Types and Designs" with lectures on Renaissance and Baroque sacred architecture and on 19th century architecture. He regularly offers seminars and excursions, among other things on monastic and pilgrimage architecture, on early modern architecture in Rome and on the architecture of neoclassicalism, Gothic Revival and early industrialization in Great Britain. In addition, he supervises the teaching research projects on post-medieval topics and is in charge of the related survey and research campaigns.



Current Research Projects

baureka.online (DFG-funding 2021-2024)

Beyond the Classical. The Origins of Stylistic Pluralism in Great Britain

The Early Modern Buildings at the Imperial Abbey of Kornelimünster

Settings for Academia. The Buildings of RWTH Aachen University from 1870 to the Present

Roma Sotterranea. Form, Function and Message of Underground Structures in Early Modern Roman Churches

Completed Research Project

S. Andrea al Quirinale. The Genesis of Gian Lorenzo Bernini's Oval Church in Rome (PhD thesis)

Main Research Areas

The architecture of Seicento Rome | The architectural oeuvre of Gian Lorenzo Bernini | Jesuit architecture | Secondary spaces in sacred buildings (gallery systems, burial places, etc.) | Early modern construction techniques and procedures | Baroque monasteries in Germany | Architectural frameworks for the display of relics | Architecture in the age of stylistic pluralism | Cast iron as a building material


Main Publications

The publications of Tobias Glitsch on RWTH Publications can be found here.


Tobias Glitsch: S. Andrea al Quirinale. Die Entstehung von Gian Lorenzo Berninis römischer Ovalkirche, Aachen 2018. (PhD thesis)


Anke Naujokat, Tobias Glitsch, Felix Martin, Hermann Schlimme: baureka.online – Research Repository, Catalogue and Archive for Architectural History and Building Archaeology , in: SCIRES.IT 10/1 (2020), p. 43-52.

Tobias Glitsch: Das Emporensystem von S. Andrea al Quirinale. Raumabfolge, Erschließungsstruktur und Funktion, in: INSITU, 2 / 2019, p. 201-216.

Tobias Glitsch, Verena Hake: Wie Phoenix aus der Asche? , in: Bauwelt, 17 / 2019, p. 12-15.

Tobias Glitsch: I sotterranei di Sant'Andrea al Quirinale. Sepoltura e simbolo dell'identità gesuitica, in: Mario Bevilacqua, Adriana Capriotti (eds.): Sant'Andrea al Quirinale. Il restauro della decorazione della cupola e nuovi studi berniniani, Rome 2016, p. 122-133.

Reviews and Conference Reports

Anke Naujokat, Tobias Glitsch, Felix Martin: Bericht über den Auftaktworkshop zum Projekt "baureka.online"


Talks (Selection)

Grablege, Architekturreliquie, Katakombenverweis. Zur Funktion und Bedeutung unterirdischer Räume in römischen Kirchen der Frühen Neuzeit | Lecture at the 51st Conference on Excavation Science and Building Research "Sur le Grand Tour - Reisende Architekten als Protagonisten des europäischen Gedankens", online, May 12-14, 2021.

Geometrie als Indiz. Schlussfolgerungen aus Gian Lorenzo Berninis Zeichnungen zu S. Andrea al Quirinale | Lecture at the 2021 Forum on the History of Italian Art „Mobilität. Personen – Objekte – Ideen“, Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg, February 22 to 24, 2021.

baureka.online. Research Repository, Catalogue and Archive for Architectural History and Building Archeology | Lecture at the international conference „Virtual Models and Scientific Value. Historic Studies and Virtual Models in the Age of Digital Humanities“, TU Berlin, November 7 to 8, 2018 (in cooperation with Univ.-Prof. Dr.-Ing. Anke Naujokat and Felix Martin, M.Sc.).

Riferimenti nelle fonti e tracce sull’edificio. Il caso delle ‚volte sopra terra‘ | Lecture at the international conference „Materia e costruzione. Le parole del cantiere – Contributo al glossario dell’edilizia rinascimentale e barocca in Italia“, Bibliotheca Hertziana, Rom, November 21 to 22, 2016.

Die Sakralisierung des Messgeschehens im Altarraum von S. Andrea al Quirinale | Lecture at the 17th International Baroque Summer Course „Die Inszenierung des Heiligen“, Bibliothek Werner Oechslin, Einsiedeln, June 26 to 30, 2016.

Aktuelle Tendenzen der analytischen Baudokumentation in der Architektur- und Kunstgeschichte | Lecture during the lecture series "Werkstattgespräche", Bibliotheca Hertziana, Rom, January 30, 2011 (in cooperation with Dr.-Ing. Hermann Schlimme and Prof. Dr. Marina Döring-Williams).

Modelli e invenzione. Riflessioni sulle origini del progetto ovale per Sant’Andrea al Quirinale | Lecture at the study day „Grand Tour del terzo Millennio“, Università di Tor Vergata, Rom, April 21, 2010.

Sant’Andrea al Quirinale. Vom Entwurf zur Ausführung | Lecture during the lecture series "Werkstattgespräche", Bibliotheca Hertziana, Rom, November 5, 2007.