M3 | Master's Thesis

Outside View of the refurbished Auermühle Copyright: © Mara Petri

WT 2022/23 | Conversion of the Auermühle in Deutz Harbor in Cologne

In anticipation of the future conversion of the derelict harbor area, the goal of the design was to develop a conversion concept for the landmarked Auermühle in Deutz Harbor, which was shut down in 1975.


Outside Perspective of the Design of Lara Shabani Copyright: © Lara Shabani

ST 2022 | The Dheisheh Refugee Camp

After a detailed exploration and analysis of the Dheisheh refugee camp in southern Bethlehem, a possible structural development scenario was designed for an abandoned and vacant construction site located there.


Perspective Courtyard Copyright: © Kathrin Weis

WT 2021/22 | Terroir Mosel

The historic timber-framed ensemble of the Haupts family winery in the center of the Moselle village of Ediger-Eller is extended with the addition of a hostel building. Besides, smaller architectural interventions highlight the core business of the winery, while at the same time combining the existing and new buildings into a coherent overall picture.


Outside Perspective Copyright: © Hans Simon Becker-Wahl

WT 2021/22 | "Three Kings" Rheinfelden, CH

This master's thesis addresses the design question of how an existing historic building in the context of a surrounding neighborhood that has changed significantly over the years can respond to these new conditions.


Perspective view of the work yard Copyright: © Signe Schuler

ST 2021 | Fàbrica Can Ricart Barcelona

As design, a concept for the conversion of the former textile factory Can Ricart in Barcelona into an art, culture and creative industries center was developed.


Perspective of the Former Church Interior Copyright: © Anna Graff

WT 2020/21 | The Schwarzenbroich Monastery Ruins

The ground plan of the entire monastery complex, which has been preserved in large parts as an archaeological monument, and the last remains of the walls give reason for research into the building history with a subsequent preservation and utilization concept.


External Perspective of the Church Copyright: © David Stolz

WT 2020/21 | New Parish Church Meyzieu

The aim of the project is to search for answers to the questions of continuity with the heritage, the roots of the architecture in the context, the essence of a Christian Catholic church building and durability, and to apply them in a design.


View over the City of Riesi Copyright: © Chiara Erhardt and Luca Steinert

WT 2020/21 | ritrova.riesi

The project deals with the question of what contribution architecture can offer as a component for possible action strategies of a shrinking city.


External Perspective of the Crematorium Copyright: © Katharina Nitsche

ST 2020 | Extension Vienna Crematorium

In her master's thesis, Katharina Nitsche reflects on spatial and functional requirements for a contemporary crematorium. Her findings result in a powerful design of distinct structures.


External Perspective of the Municipal Building Copyright: © Annika Wendt

WT 2019/20 | Viennese Municipal Buildings of the 1920s

The project is intended to propose a suitable living and design concept for a residential building on the basis of the 1920s municipal buildings.


A Carpenter's Shop in Bukit Duri Copyright: © Anthony Hans Widjaja

ST 2019 | Wood and Flood: Carpenter's Shop in Bukit Duri

The design is based on the 'Perteduhan' concept, which is characterised by a constant relationship between outside and inside. The newly interpreted wooden construction of the house is elevated in the safe area above the usual flood level.


Fortezza da Basso Copyright: © Hendrik Hermans

ST 2019 | Fortezza da Basso: Transformation of the Florence Fair

The Fortezza da Basso is located on the northern edge of Florence's old town and has hosted the fair of the city since the 1970s. Once built as a polygonal fortress, the project deals with the question of how it can persist as a fair of the present.


Perspective of the Entrance of the New Palermo Market Copyright: © Thomas Klinkhammer and Samila Sydiq

WT 2018/19 | Palermo: Urban Impulses

Known for its cultural treasures and unique history, notorious for poverty, Mafia structures and corruption, Palermo seemed for a long time to have lost all hope. The master thesis develops different impulse scenarios for the revival of the historical city center.


Section of the "Birker Bad" Sina Wolpert Copyright: © Sina Wolpert

ST 2018 | Conversion of the "Birker Bad" in Solingen

What does a conversion concept for the empty Birker Bad, which does justice to the historical significance of Solingen's formerly most frequently used cultural and leisure facility, have to look like?


Perspective "Gertrudenberg" Felix Möllering Copyright: © Felix Möllering

ST 2018 | Gertrudenberg: Conversion of a monastery

How can a place of transition be created between the psychiatry in the old monastery and the inner city of Osnabrück? Which conversions, which structural additions are necessary?